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There’s nothing more exciting than finding a puppy to welcome into your family. Once you’ve chosen your breed and researched how to train & care for your new puppy, the last step is to find an accredited dog breeder who can guarantee the quality of your pup’s pedigree. At Whistle Hill Puppies, we hold ourselves to the highest standard of integrity in our breeding practices — offering you peace of mind throughout the puppy adoption process.

As a family-owned kennel — with almost 15 years of experience offering quality puppy adoption services to our community — the health and happiness of all our puppies is our number one priority. Based in Denver, PA, Whistle Hill also offers safe and convenient puppy delivery & transportation nationwide.

We are committed to matching you with a healthy, happy companion. Click the link below to learn more about the benefits we offer through our ACA Premium Customer Support Program.

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Five-Star Dog Breeder in Lancaster County, PA

Many prospective dog owners are unaware of some of the dangers of adopting a dog from an unqualified puppy breeder. These pups are often raised in unsanitary conditions and without proper socialization or quality nutrition. The result is typically a dog with serious genetic and other health defects, as well as behavioral issues that may be permanent. When you adopt home-raised puppies, your new puppy will have a longer life expectancy, with a better temperament that will making training easier.

Whistle Hill Puppies is proudly listed as a five-star dog breeder by the American Canine Association (ACA). All our puppies are free of the common genetic and cognitive disorders that typically affect less scrupulous puppy breeders. Customer satisfaction is our top concern, and you can rest assured knowing that your new puppy was treated as a part of our family before becoming a part of yours. By working with an accredited breeder like Whistle Hill, you’ll be doing your part to stamp out puppy mills for good.

Puppy Adoption with Whistle Hill

At Whistle Hill, our puppy adoption program includes Cavapoos, Mini Bernedoodles, Mini Schnauzers and Pomskies. We are continually updating our website to reflect new litters, so be sure to regularly refresh our listings for the most up-to-date information on our available pups.

As ethical puppy breeders, we make a concerted effort to match each pup with the right home. This is to ensure that you’re finding a puppy that will blend seamlessly into your family, while also guaranteeing that our pups find a home where they will be able to thrive. For more information on our puppy adoption process, feel free to browse the FAQ section of our website.

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Whistle Hill believes all dog breeders should be knowledgeable and hold themselves to the highest ethical standards. By working with a limited number of breeds, we have positioned ourselves as experts on the needs and temperaments of all our home-raised puppies. Additionally, all our pups are brought up to date on vaccinations and parasite prevention prior to every puppy adoption.

If you’re ready to start finding a puppy with Whistle Hill, browse our listings of puppies for sale by clicking the link.

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Our daughter, Kate, is a freshman in college. She researched for sometime and decided that a Cavapoo was the right choice for her. We had planned on waiting until her sophomore year to buy her a dog, but her roommate moved back home. Kate didn’t want to live alone. So, after much searching we decided to buy this sweet girl for Kate for Christmas. John and Rachel Zook were very helpful and breed healthy, beautiful dogs. Whistle Hill Puppies made Delilah’s delivery from Pennsylvania to Mississippi easy. We would highly recommend Whistle Hill Puppies and purchasing a dog from the Zooks.

Kate and Delilah are both very happy, and so are we! – Donna

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Our Google Reviews
So thankful for our Rosie puppy and the smooth transition of her from America to Switzerland. Highly recommend a puppy from Whistle Hill
Elanee Roth
Elanee Roth
05:59 11 May 22
We bought our cavapoo from WhistleHill and we are absolutely in love with our pup! Great communication throughout the process and a beautiful pup that was exactly as pictured. Our family couldn’t be happier
03:23 23 Apr 22
Adopted an adorable F1 Cavapoo a week ago “Polly” aka LUNA. She is already housebroken and crate trained—incredibly smart. Hopefully she will have a future as a Certified Therapy Dog as she has already visited residents of a nursing home with rave reviews. She’ll just sit in your lap while you stroke her for an hour. Thanks Whistle Hill!
Roberta Hamer
Roberta Hamer
23:00 31 Mar 22
Our unfurnished mini bernedoodle, Hank is nearly 9 months old and continues to be such a blessing. He is a joyful pup who loves people and dogs. He also looks mostly Bernese. Who would have thought?John and Rachel were great to work with and very conscientious. They answered our questions clearly and directly.It was a bit scary to spend so much on a puppy, but we have no regrets.
Cindy Owens
Cindy Owens
23:56 10 Jan 22
Overall great experience with Whistle Hill Puppies!They took great care of providing me with support with my puppy (Ace) now Rocky and were there to answer any questions I had. I couldn’t be happier with my experience!
Cassandra Ruiz
Cassandra Ruiz
23:36 07 Jan 22
We purchased our Miniature Schnauzer from Whistle Hill Puppies ,8 months ago. Before our puppy was ready to come home, they kept us updated with all the imformation we needed , including the type of food our puppy was eating and where we could get it, updated photos each week , and important vet information. They are extremely thorough with everything , and were there to answer any questions we had.When we brought Gumdrop (Turbo) home at 8 weeks old, we were amazed at how well he got along with our 2 older dogs. He was a quick learner, and was house trained almost immediately. His temperament is very loving, great with children and other animals.We could clearly see that Gumdrop was very well cared for in the weeks prior to us bringing him home.
FamFam Norton
FamFam Norton
22:02 05 Jan 22