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Are you looking for a furry companion to add to your family and home? Whistle Hill Puppies is the dog breeder to use! With the dogs we adore and are excited to share with you, you know that you’ll get the best puppy to add to your life. We are an ethical dog breeder who specializes in breeding small to medium sized dogs and will help you pick the one that will fit best into your home. We take this process very seriously and will support you from adoption day and beyond, something not many dog breeders do. We can’t wait to help you pick your new furry friend. See what breed would suit you best!


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Our Breeds

Top-Quality Dog Breeds

Finding a puppy can feel overwhelming when you don’t know what each breed offers. When you choose Whistle Hill Puppies, you know that you’ll find top-quality dog breeds. We take special care in breeding dog breeds that will work well for you and your family. Here are some good indicators if a puppy will be a good fit in your home:

Cavapoo: outgoing, gentle, friendly, playful

Pomsky: outgoing, playful, willful

Mini Bernedoodle: gentle, friendly, outgoing, playful

Mini Schnauzer: loyal, outgoing, playful, friendly

Each of our breeds offer a unique temperament to help you choose the puppy that will thrive in your environment! Whether you have young children in the house or are just looking for a companion to keep you company, each of these breeds of dogs are suited for a wide variety of homes. Contact us to find more about each individual breed and find the perfect puppy for you!

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Finding the Perfect Puppy for You

The dog breeding process is a lengthy but rewarding process. We take our commitment to breeding top quality puppies to heart, making sure each step of the process is done correctly. We carefully choose mates, perform health checks, take care of our expectant mothers during the pregnancy, make sure the new puppies are up to date on their shots, and more. Contact us to see which puppies are available to go home today!

New Puppy Adoption; Find Your New Furry Friend

Adopting a new puppy is exciting, and we can’t wait to send one of our little ones home with you! Whichever breed you choose to adopt, cavapoos, pomskies, mini bernedoodles, or a mini schnauzer, you’ll have the new puppy you’ve always wanted, that’s our guarantee from us to you. At Whistle Hill Puppies, we are committed to breeding puppies that are top quality and will be great additions to your family. Get one of our puppies today!


Our daughter, Kate, is a freshman in college. She researched for sometime and decided that a Cavapoo was the right choice for her. We had planned on waiting until her sophomore year to buy her a dog, but her roommate moved back home. Kate didn’t want to live alone. So, after much searching we decided to buy this sweet girl for Kate for Christmas. John and Rachel Zook were very helpful and breed healthy, beautiful dogs. Whistle Hill Puppies made Delilah’s delivery from Pennsylvania to Mississippi easy. We would highly recommend Whistle Hill Puppies and purchasing a dog from the Zooks.

Kate and Delilah are both very happy, and so are we! – Donna

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Our Google Reviews
We adopted Rusty about 5 days ago. He’s a Beautiful Mini Schnauzer. He’s smart, affectionate, loving and a funny character! So far he only had one accident in the house. He already goes by the door when he needs to go. We absolutely love him!
20:30 28 Sep 23
We had a great experience with John and his family! We fell in love with our mini bernedoodle Stella and they graciously held her for us for a month until we could bring her home. Communication and planning was seamless and they were very responsive and helpful via phone and email. Stella was in perfect health and was very well cared for. We had a wonderful experience and would highly recommend Whistle Hill Puppies!
Candice B
Candice B
23:31 22 Aug 23
We love our pup from here! Great to work with
Thomas Long
Thomas Long
00:53 15 Jul 23
jessica Elmer
jessica Elmer
23:13 26 Jun 23
Hi! We adopted "Taffy", now Lacey, in Feb 2023.. She is 6 months We old now. We just love her so much. I didn't know how much I needed her in my life. She is so energetic! And so incredibly smart. She understands so many commands and words! She is my little shadow. She needs to be where I am always. We love playing fetch. She loves to chase the birds out of our yard and the ducks out of our pool. And she loves walks around the neighborhood. And all the sticks and rocks she collects around the yard and hides them so she can go find them again. We are always entertained by her. She loves to play with our 3 cats. She has fit so well into our family and filled a void that was left by our 18year old pup last year. Thank you so much!Love,The Romano Family and Lacey
Gacha Wolfy
Gacha Wolfy
12:18 06 Jun 23
We have two Whistle Hill mini schnauzers and they are the best. Aside from being adorable, they both have the sweetest demeanors. We have been very satisfied.
Jon Bernstein
Jon Bernstein
14:08 19 Apr 23