Whistle Hill Puppies


January 2019Samantha

Hi Rachel,

It’s almost two months since we brought home Coco (originally Comet) Coco is such a special dog and absolutely completes our family!! He transitioned to our home from Rachel’s without a hitch. He loves the beach and long walks and is soooo playful!! We couldn’t be happier!! We are truly in love with CoCo!


October 2018Caroline

Hello John & Rachael,
It looks like you already have a deposit on Diesel. If that falls through, could you please let us know? Our Mason, formerly Peanut, would love a brother.

Mason is doing great! He loves swimming in our pool. He is the absolute best dog ever. I’ve attached a picture of him.

Thank you,
Rob & Martha

June 2018Rob & Martha

“We cannot thank you all enough for Charlie (that’s what we renamed Cody!)!! He has been a complete delight so far, had his first vet appointment and has been so sweet with all of the new people that we have met. We are beyond blessed to have you all and thankful that you took care of him so well and even started with some training while you still had him! 😊 Lauren

April 2018Lauren

Hi John and Rachel! 


We wanted to give you an update on Rosie, which is now Khali! First of all, we would like to thank you for breeding such a wonderful, well mannered, beautiful Pomsky puppy! She has been such a blessing in our lives since we picked her up from you a year ago. All of our family members and friends absolutely love our Khali girl too. She has many other doggie friends that she loves to play with and she even has found a friend and playmate in our cat! 


Khali loves going on our long walks every morning, and she loves to cuddle up with us at night. She loves to chew on every toy until the squeaker and stuffing are no more! She is extremely intelligent and knows about ten commands so far. 


We just had her annual check up at our veterinary, and she weighs about 50 lbs and is as healthy as could be! 


Thank you for bringing Khali into our lives. We cannot thank you enough for your healthy and responsible breeding. We would gladly recommend Whistle Hill Puppies to anyone searching for the perfect pup for their family! 


P.S. Our only regret is not bringing home a sister or brother for her…yet. 


The Martins 

April 2018The Martins

Hello! Here are a couple of photos of our sweet pup, Holly (Molly). She is going to be 6 months old on Monday and she is such a joy! We all love her very much and are so happy she is ours! The first photo was taken  in April and the second was taken this past week.

The Ruess Family

July 2017Missy

Hi John and Rachel

Hope all is well with your move ! I just wanted to check in and let you know ” Dutchess”  who I named Roxy is the absolute LOVE of my life! … everyone loves her ! I can’t walk down the street without every other person stopping me! She is beautiful and the cutest thing ! So sweet and gentle!  She still looks like a teddy bear! I adore her and she makes my life better each and every day!

Here are some photos from last 6 mos.

Jennifer Scarozza

And Roxy ( aka Dutchess)

July 2017Jennifer

Hi Rachel and John!

I just wanted to let you know that Riker (formerly Justin) is SUCH a sweet boy. He’s incredibly energetic and playful and is so good with other people and dogs.

He went to the vet who said he’s in perfect health and he’s absolutely beautiful as well! Thank you so much!

We’ve also connected with his sister Ava (formerly Jill) who lives in Berkeley and have been talking with that couple about how our pups are doing!

Also — we’ve been posting pictures of him online on Instagram and many people have asked where we got him, so we’ve been sending them your way! Hope that helps:)

Here’s a few pics of the little guy!

Thanks again!


April 2017Tara

I just had to share this photo of Cooper (now known as Kai). The doctor gave him a clean bill of health and he now weighs 6 pounds at 10 weeks. He is training so well and already knows his name, crate, sit, potty, and we are working on down. He is unbelievably smart, loves to cuddle, and is adored by everyone he meets. Thank you so much John and Rachel! We could not have chosen a better breeder. The transition has been seamless and it was such a pleasure to meet and work with you! More updates to come ☺


March 2017Courtney

Hi John and Rachel. Just wanted to let you know that everything is going wonderful with our new puppy Charlie. He is now named Storm. We took him to the vet on Friday and he had an A plus health rating. He has also been easy to train thanks to you setting him up with good habits in the crate and going outside to make potty. Thank you very much!


March 2017Maria

Attached is updated picture of Gabby. She is absolutely wonderful with our grandson Gage who is autistic. I believe she’s knows Gage is special and I want to thank you again for all the experience you gave her when she was a little baby. We have a white schnauzer named Bodhi and he will not let Gage come near him. I want everyone to know the awesome job you do with your puppies.


February 2017Diane

Hi John and Rachel,

I want to thank you both. Nora is such a blessing. She brings so much joy to our home every day!
She is very smart and knows all her basic commands as well as some other neat behaviors. She even knows how to throw a ball!

Nora is very healthy, with no signs of any physical issues at all.

Nora is very social and loves to greet all humans and four legged creatures and never barks at them when she is outside. (When she is home, she throws her bark down an octave and acts the guard dog whenever she hears someone near the door. Once she sees that I am alerted, the stops barking.)

Nora is a beautiful, smart, gentle soul. Thank you!


All the best,


January 2017Barbara

Hi John and Rachel,

I wanted to send a quick update since it had been a while since I had contacted you about Milo (formerly Duke).

He continues to be a joy in our family, and is constantly considered everyone’s favorite family member. In September we celebrated his first birthday and in November we celebrated his “homecoming day” (I attached a fun recreation photo on his official homecoming day).

One of the greatest things about Milo is his loving nature and friendliness with every person that he meets. We have had many friends and family members who were afraid of dogs come to our house, meet Milo, and end up falling in love with him as well. He has been a great “ambassador” for his breed, and we still get many compliments on both his unique looks and his wonderful personality.

Milo continues to enjoy running around at daycare with his doggie friends, and on his days off from daycare, he enjoys curling up on our couch or carpet in a patch of sunlight.

Attached are a few recent pictures of Milo enjoying his naps and the recent snowfall we had.


January 2017Rita

Hi John & Rachel!

Happiest New Year Wishes to you and yours!!
I thought I’d take a moment to send a short but sweet update on Mocha (aka Princess)… she has settled into the family quite nicely, cannot remember what it was like before her. The kids absolutely adore her and she feeds of their energy as all “children” do. 🙂 She is incredibly smart, although can be a bit stubborn (can’t we all?) and is quickly learning all her homework from puppy training. She truly looks like a miniature husky. She loves the snow… as a matter of fact just this morning I was tossing snowballs to her as the snowflakes were still falling. She brings us so much joy!
Here is a photo from just before Christmas…

January 2017Catherine

Hello John and Rachel,

I just wanted to take this time and tell you how happy we are to have Pixie as part of our family. She is the sweetest and cutest puppy ever. We couldn’t love her more if we tried. Here are a few pictures of her. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift to our family.

Have a wonderful new year to come,

Donna, Phil, Kaylee, Kathryn, and Pixie

January 2017Donna, Phil, Kaylee and Kathryn

Diego is now 2 years old! We love him so much and has become such an amazing pup. His personality is so unique. He now has a little sister Xena (who’s not so little) but their bond and love for each other is incredible to watch! Thank you again!! We will always be grateful of you guys!

November 2016Mara

Dear Rachel & John, it was a huge pleasure to meet you and your family.We wanted to thank you guys for giving us the opportunity to purchase Gordie, who is now named Rocky! He is the most adorable, loving and playful pet we have ever seen! He is now 20 pounds and he sure loves to play with our kids in our backyard. He is doing great with health and the vets love his presence. He is also loved by our neighbors and everybody who sees him, he always puts a smile on their faces when they see him. Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving! P.S we have attached a couple of pictures of Rocky, who is now soon to be 5 months in a week!

Sincerely, Kola Family

November 2016The Kola Family

John and Rachel,

We just wanted to let you know that Abbey (Ginger) has been a great addition to our family.  She is loved by our children, our husky (Dublin), neighbors and friends.

Thank you


October 2016Susan

Star aka Stella. 10 months old. Sam, my grandson 3 years old, are best friends. She is always looking over him and getting in trouble with him. She is very smart and catches on to demands quickly. I am a proud pomsky owner.


October 2016Della

Hi John and Rachel!


We’re at week 15 and Coco is doing wonderfully!

We call her Luna and she is sweet, smart, and loving. She’s playing and eating and growing and sleeping like a champ. We have all bonded with joy and we start puppy classes this Saturday.

Thank you so much for this gift and for being a loving and faithful family.

We all want to say how much we appreciate such a glorious Cavapoo dog in our lives.

We are grateful,

Lauren, Michael, and Josie

August 2016Lauren

Jack is the best dog EVER!  We love him so much!  Here’s a picture that we took today.


August 2016Jeanne

Hi! here’s an update on Sam, who’s name is now Finn!
He is extremely intelligent and can play all day- he lives with me in my apartment at college with another Siberian husky who he loves so much! He has another friend Maverick who lives at home in PA who’s a husky hybrid. He is a celebrity on campus and loves going for long distance runs with his mommy!! He can run for days. He is nicknamed jumping bean because of his ever lasting energy!! thanks so much for such an amazing puppy.
Sincerely, Alexa 🙂

April 2016Alexa

Hi John and Rachel!

Just wanted to give you a quick update on Milo (Duke) since I last emailed. He has grown up so much! He is now 100% potty trained, although he still loves to eat some leaves whenever he can reach a potted plant. He also enjoys going on car rides and looking out the window- especially if it means he gets to go to daycare! We have boarded him a few times at his daycare location and he always does great- the staff loves him and he plays well with any other dog he meets.

No matter where we take him we receive many compliments on his look and temperament. We can’t thank you enough for giving us such a loving and adorable family member! He continues to make us smile and laugh every day.



June 2016Rita

Sarge has a great temperament, takes the train with me to work everyday, is SO playful and has tons of energy everyday. He’s also very smart and has been generally great at learning commands and going on his wee pads. We’re still trying to get him used to NYC streets. He LOVES apples and pear (like his mom!) and loves to give kisses 🙂

Diana & Johnson

April 2016Diana & Johnson

Update on Titus McFluffystuff (aka Sparky)

Good Morning John and Rachel

I hope all is well with you and your wonderful family. We wanted to send our 16 week update on our amazing little puppy! Titus has been incredible, you were right, he is not much of a barker and has been the perfect addition to our family! Up to this point he has had a perfect bill of health and has been to the vet every two weeks.

He started Puppy school a couple weeks ago, and while being of the youngest in his class he is also one of the most advanced and so smart! We love little Titus so much and are very thankful to you and you family for breeding and raising him for the first 2 months. He is definitely starting to take after his daddy as you can see.

Best regards,

Jason and Tracy

March 2016Jason and Tracy

Zoey (Kayla) she is well and growing she went from 4lbs. to 7lbs. We love her and I will send more as she gets older like closer to six months. She greets me every morning and shows a very husky personality. She stops on her morning and afternoon walks to tease the other dogs in the neighborhood and she knows each house. Smart is an understatement just love her.
Thank You!

March 2016Shannon
Dear Rachael and John,

First of all, it was a pleasure to meet you and your beautiful children. What a lovely family you have. 

Here is our first update to you about “Riley & Roxy”. Their new names are Marta and Franz and we are head over heels in love with them already. Last night, being their first night away from their brothers and you, they did remark well!
Franz is so sweet. By no means is he shy, but he definitely is a snuggle bunny.

We cannot thank you enough for allowing us to take two of your precious schnauzers home to Vermont. 

Schnauzers are so smart.

With warm regards,
Laurie & Scott
March 2016Laurie & Scott

Good morning John and Rachel –

I just wanted to send you a quick update on Mason, formerly Peanut.  He is doing well!!!  We love him to pieces and I think the feel is mutual.  We took him to the vet for a well puppy check last Monday, March 8, and they said he is a perfect puppy! 🙂

I can’t thank you enough for letting us buy one of your puppies.  He is an absolute love bug.  There is nothing better than all the puppy kisses he wants to give.  I have given your website information to a handful of friends already who may be contacting you.  If you ever need a reference for a prospective buyer, please feel free to contact us.  I’ve attached a recent picture for you.


Martha Jablonski

March 2016Martha

Hello John and Rachel,

Just wanted to thank you for such a perfect little puppy! Luna (aka Princess) has been the best addition to our family. We’ve only had her for a week and she’s is already crate trained as well as doing her business on the training pads! She had no problem settling and we always get lots of comments on how beautiful she is. We love her very much! Thank you again.


March 2016Jenny

Hi John,
Gracie, now named Rodi, is getting bigger every day – about 8 pounds now. Long legs and long torso. She gains a lot of attention wherever we go – people want a dog just like her!

She loves people and other dogs. She is a lovable bundle of super charged energy!

Right now we are sitting in the sun in my New Mexico back yard and she is romping through the dried leaves.

Thanks so much for breeding such a fine dog. I feel very lucky to have her.

Mary Ellen

February 2016Mary Ellen

Thank you so much for bringing such a wonderful little guy into our lives. Fritz (now Sawyer) is happy and healthy in his new home. We get so many compliments on just how cute and friendly he is… And the whole vet office just loves him! We’ve attached a few pictures here for you to see…He’s doing great!

Thank you again for your patience as we embarked on this new chapter of our lives! We will be sure to recommend you to anyone looking for an adorable Cavapoo.

Beth & Brendan

February 2016Beth & Brendan

Hi John and Rachel!

Just wanted to send you an update on how Milo (formerly Duke) is doing at home. He settled in pretty quickly and is enjoying being in Virginia. His favorite things to do are meet new people at the door and play with other dogs. He’s mostly potty trained and has no issues sleeping and napping in his crate! He also loves going for walks so that he can sit in the grass and chew on a stick.

He is so much fun to have around, everyone at home adores him. He has already learned a few commands (sit, wait, down, roll over) and does well with leash walking. He was taken to the groomers for the first time this week and was a little scared, but they say he’ll get over that with more visits. He also loves going to the vet and has had no health issues and is fully vaccinated and ready for daycare, which he should be starting next week!
Milo is very much the joy of our family. He’s definitely going to be a spoiled dog!
Take care,
January 2016Rita

Happy Halloween!! ? ? with love from Diego and the Dimmacks! Once again a huge thank you to you guys for bringing us this amazing puppy. He was born 5.31.2014 and is the center of our universe


November 2015Mara

Well, our sweet Delilah turned one yesterday. Kate absolutely loves her ! We all do !  She is the sweetest and smartest dog. She loves to watch animals on tv! Thanks for a great family member!



October 2015Donna
Hi John and Rachel.:
  Update on sweet Gabby from her Vet appointment today.  The staff at Mid-Atlantic Veterinary Hospital love her and everyone wants to hold her and give her kisses.
She goes to training class #4 tonight.   We are currently working on coming when called and loose leash walking.
She is an absolute joy!
Diane & Lee
October 2015Diane & Lee

John and Rachel,

Just wanted to send you an updated photo of Sadie (Molly). She is 7 months, 15 lbs. , very active and healthy. She is our pride and joy and we love her dearly. Just wanted to let you both know how she is doing. She is one spoiled little puppy and we thank you both for this special little bundle of joy. Everyone who meets her asks where she came from. You may be hearing from friends or us in the future. Thank you again.

July 2015

John and Rachel,

Just wanted to send you an updated picture of Sadie (Molly). She is going great and is a total joy. We could not be more pleased or happy.

Thank you both so much.

Cindy and Billy Smith

March 2015
Cindy & Billy Smith

Hi John and Rachel,

Here’s a few photos of Max (a.k.a Hank). He is doing wonderful and is a quick learner. He has settled in and loves to play and follow and chase Sam. It’s hilarious. He has figured out how to go down small steps. Also, he likes his crate at night. No problems with him going to sleep or eating.

Best Regards,

Rima & Dave

October 2014Rima & Dave

Hello Rachael & John,

Hope all is well with you and your family.

Daisy celebrated her first birthday yesterday and I thought you might enjoy some photos I have taken throughout the year. She also experienced her first snow storm, actually blizzard, and she loves jumping through the snow, she makes us smile every day.

She has been such a bright spot in our lives and she is such a good girl, we couldn’t imagine life without her.

So, thank you again for breeding such a wonderful little puppy and enriching our lives.


Christine & Richard Schaeffler

Rocky Point, New York

January 2015Christine & Richard Schaeffler

Our daughter, Kate, is a freshman in college. She researched for sometime and decided that a Cavapoo was the right choice for her. We had planned on waiting until her sophomore year to buy her a dog, but her roommate moved back home. Kate didn’t want to live alone. So, after much searching we decided to buy this sweet girl for Kate for Christmas. John and Rachel Zook were very helpful and breed healthy, beautiful dogs. Whistle Hill Puppies made Delilah’s delivery from Pennsylvania to Mississippi easy. We would highly recommend Whistle Hill Puppies and purchasing a dog from the Zooks.

Kate and Delilah are both very happy, and so are we! – Donna

December 2014Donna

Our experience with Whistle Hill Pomskies was nothing short of fantastic. Our family has been looking for a Pomsky for close to 2 years. When the opportunity arose with Whistle Hill, we were extremely excited about the possibility of a little pomsky. Yet at the same time a little hesitant because Whistle Hill was unfamiliar to us. When dealing with John and Rachel Zook, right off the bat, we were blown away by their kindness & their relentless effort to make us feel comfortable. As a family, we could not have chosen a better family to deal with. They went way beyond all the expectations our family had & made the transition of a new puppy into our family even more special and enjoyable. The health guarantee was unparalleled to any we or our vet has EVER heard of. Which gave our family a tremendous amount of confidence with our decision. The puppy is perfect.

They kept us posted on the puppy the entire time we were waiting for the pick up point. In ending, I am saying with complete confidence if you are thinking about a new puppy to join your family, there is no better choice than Whistle Hill Puppies. – Mike Glinatsis

December 2014Mike Glinatsis

I bought Mia Rose who was formerly named Jill by her breeder on December 6, 2014 from you guys. The process was very easy and I am beyond thrilled with my little princess. I would highly recommend using the Zooks as breeders.

Love my 10 week old cutie! – Jodi Z.

December 2014Jodi Z.

We are so enjoying the puppy we got from you, “Biscuit” was the name you gave him. We changed it to Biscotti. He has brought much laughter and joy to our household, and we are so grateful for him. He has developed quite an adorable personality. He is happy to see anyone new, or old, and is very social. Thank you for providing for us such a delightful pet. – Fondly, Carolyn

April 2014Carolyn

Daisy is doing wonderful, she is such a joy! She went to the vet today and they said she is perfect and so adorable! Our other dog Skippy has taken very well to her and altho he is much larger than her, he is very careful with her and allows her to play with all his toys. We are very happy with Daisy and just wanted to let you know how well she is doing and to send you some photos of which I have attached, please enjoy the photos. We will keep you updated with her progress and thank you again for such a beautiful puppy. – Christine & Richard Schaeffler, Rocky Point NY

April 2014Christine & Richard Schaeffler

We just returned from our vet with Sophia and to quote ” You have an outstanding dog”. Thank you so much for the work you do breeding fabulous dogs and we will recommend you to all our friends. – Gus & Betty Campestre

November 2013Gus & Betty Campestre

Hello Rachel, Just wanted to touch base with you about the schnauzer Bell that we bought from you and John. We named her Annabelle and she is doing wonderful and adjusting great in her new home . We just love her so much.

She us definitely one little spoiled puppy. She is bringing such joy to our home and lives. Thank you – Mary Ann & John Ratajczak

November 2013Mary Ann & John Ratajczak

Hi John!

He is completely wonderful. Went to his first vet visit last week and he is perfect. I could swear he’s now twice the size as he was when we picked him up at your house a little over a week ago. We are so happy! My son has named him Rudolph- Rudy for short. Housebreaking is coming along – he’s a smart little guy! He’s also been great on a leash already. Can’t thank you enough for the addition to our family!

Amy Stewart

November 2013Amy Stewart

Hi guys!! Haven’t talked to you in awhile but, Bandit is growing up so fast. He’ll be 1 next month! He’s so handsome. And extremely intelligent. But, we definitely picked a fitting name for him! Ha ha! He loves to chew on any and everything but his looks allow him to get away with it every time!

Have you had the baby? How is everyone doing?

– Erika Baldwin

October 2013Erika Baldwin

Hello John & Rachel + family! Congrats on your new addition– what a pretty name too!

Just had to send another picture update of Hanna– she’s had a bit a growth spurt recently!!

Such an adorable girl– and a spunky attitude to match!! Must be that confidence you mentioned earlier!! ha ha

Thank you again!! 🙂

Lauri & Ron Weston

July 2013Lauri & Ron Weston

We bought Duncan from you in mid-January when he was eight weeks of age. He is now over four months old and I just want you to know that he is so sweet and so smart and so sensitive and so enthusiastic, etc., etc. I think you get the picture. Anyway, we love him to death and our lives are enriched by this little guy. By the way, we did rename him to Micah and call him Mikey.

He is almost 100% house-trained and loves going for walks. We couldn’t be happier with him. He is thriving and growing like a weed, already 10.4 lbs.

We were hesitant about a puppy, but this little charmer is the greatest. – Jane Massott

April 2013Jane Massott

We adopted sweet Gypsy from John and Rachel Zook in Steven, PA. My boyfriend and I live in Queens, NY. Though it was a bit of a trek, we decided to do the right thing and visit a reputable breeder. Rachel was very nice and accommodating. She answered all my questions about the puppy and was very helpful. I highly recommend visiting them and the cute pups!

Thank you John and Rachel! We love our Gypsy! – Mahenn and Justin, Queens NY

January 2013Mahenn & Justin

We just love our new puppy! After loosing our beloved dalmatian of 15 years, we were unsure about getting another dog. We purchased our King Charles Cavalier from the Zook family, and could not love him more. Reagan has been a blessing to our home and the grandchildren love playing with him.

He is so affectionate with everyone that he meets. When we took him for his first puppy check up the vet told us he was a healthy, happy little guy. He loves to cuddle with me on the chair and snuggle up for an afternoon snooze.

Thank you for bringing this little guy to our home! – The Hummert Family Middletown, PA

March 2010The Hummert Family

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