Whistle Hill Puppies



Our website is updated regularly so that you may have the most recent information available. Puppies get photos taken every 1–2 weeks, so if you haven’t seen new photos in a while, they are probably on the way. If you have a special request or cannot seem to find an answer to your question about our puppies on our website, feel free to contact us!


If you are ready to adopt a puppy, go to our Contact page and fill out an application! You are also welcome to contact us directly via email (whistlehill7@gmail.com) or telephone (717-335-1392) anytime. To hold a puppy for you until he/she is ready to be picked up/shipped, we require a $300 deposit which will hold your puppy under your name until the puppy is ready to go to his new home. We do not accept deposits until the puppies are 2-3 weeks old and the puppies are usually ready to go home at 8 weeks of age. However, if a puppy is not at least 2 lbs. at 8 weeks, we will hold them until they are 2 lbs. or 10 weeks of age. Upon picking up the puppy, or before shipping can be finalized, the remainder of the balance for your puppy must be paid in full. We accept PayPal (for deposits only) and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express) which is the preferred method of payment (there are no extra finance charges if payment can be done this way). Please be advised, if you pick up your puppy at our facilities (or in the state of PA), we must charge 6% sales tax on your puppy. If we feel a puppy will not do well in a certain home environment, due to size, age, and/or personality conflicts, we retain the right to refuse sale of any puppy to any individual. We will, however, be more than happy to help you find the perfect puppy for you and your family.


We feed our dogs “Life’s Abundance – All Life Stages” and the small puppies get “Life’s Abundance – Small/Medium Breed Puppy” formula. It is an advanced formula of high quality, dry kibble and we will send some with each of the puppies. It is available online at: LifesAbundance.com


We estimate to the best of our ability the size, color, and hair types of our puppies based on their parents but we cannot guarantee your pup will mature to a specific size, have a particular coat type, or stay a specific color. All our puppies are kept up to date on vaccinations and parasite prevention/control as long as they are with us and are guaranteed for 10 days against infectious diseases and 5 years against genetic defects or diseases. If your puppy is determined by a licensed veterinarian to have a genetic disorder, we will reimburse the cost of treatment (up to the purchase price of the puppy) and we assume no direct responsibility for any medical expenses. This guarantee extends 5 years from the date of birth of the puppy and in order for this guarantee to be valid we ask for periodic updates for this 5 year period for all our puppies so that any sort of issues do arise, we will know about them and they can be addressed. Pictures and any info about your puppy/dog are always welcome and appreciated. The following details are all listed on our purchase agreement:

Buyer Agrees to the Following:

1) The buyer is to have the puppy examined by a veterinarian within 10 days of purchase. 2) If there are any health issues or concerns the buyer is to contact the breeder immediately. 3) The buyer understands the best interests of the puppy are the most important, so should there be any health issues or concerns that warrant the puppy being returned to the breeder, the buyer agrees to return the puppy with 24 hours of receiving a signed statement from their veterinarian. 4) The breeder is not responsible for any injuries occurring to the puppy after the purchase. 5) Buyer assumes any expenses incurred after the purchase of the puppy. 6) No money will be returned unless all paperwork is returned and appropriately signed.

Buyer Understands:

A) The breeder has taken all necessary steps to produce a puppy that is in good health and has had proper socialization. It is now the buyer’s responsibility to provide supervision and training. All puppies must be socialized and trained both inside and outside the home in order to become happy and successful house pets. B) This puppy is being sold as a companion/pet only. It takes many years to develop the knowledge and experience necessary to be a breeder. Therefore buyer agrees to have this pet spayed or neutered unless otherwise noted. C) Any pet can pick up parasites unexpectedly from the outside environment. The breeder has taken normal precautions to prevent such conditions. This guarantee does not cover internal and external parasites. D) The breeder guarantees to take the puppy back and provide a home for it at any time during the puppy’s life. No money will be refunded.


The cost involved in raising conformationally correct puppies with super temperaments keeps increasing, and in order to continue doing what we love, we have to make adjustments as needed. From the cost of food to vaccines, plus everything in between, along with years of research is factored into the price we ask for our puppies. Working so closely with our vet and staying up to date on dog care and education also comes at its own price. We have finally recognized that it is okay to ask the price that a puppy is worth. It has been difficult in the past to ask a higher price because we “feel bad” and want to be accommodating to new puppy owners. We still do! Yet we recognize that we must have the opportunity to ask the price that our puppies are worth, along with our dedication to ensuring the best of care for the parents; and providing the best possible living quarters and play areas for our dogs and puppies! Lastly it is our duty to remain not only compliant with state and federal laws, but one (or two or three) steps above the standard they set forth. In order to do so, we make renovations as needed to ensure the safety, cleanliness, and beauty of our dog’s and puppies’ living quarters. In this respect, we have recently updated our facilities to comply with the new USDA and PA Department of Agriculture regulations which are some of the strictest and most demanding in the nation!