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The Miniature Schnauzer is an even-tempered, eager, intelligent learner. Schnauzers are non-shedding and come in a variety of colors. This breed is both brave and fun, making them excellent companions. Schnauzers are loyal, protective and alert, and get along well with familiar children, dogs, and other pets. Our Miniature Schnauzer puppies generally mature at between 14 – 20 lbs. Whistle Hill Puppies offers an assortment of well-bred and incredibly energetic and loving Miniature Schnauzer Puppies for sale. We’re an experienced Miniature Schnauzer breeder ready to help you find the right furry friend to take home to your family.

Our puppies are kept up to date on vaccinations, parasites prevention and control. They go home with a registration certificate, a written health certificate from the vet and an extended genetic health guarantee, along with a blanket and enough puppy food to get you started.

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Lexi & Jacob

  • Gender: Male
  • DOB: 05/25/23
  • Ready To Go Home: 07/20/23
  • Expected Weight: 15 - 20 lbs
  • Parents: Lexi & Jacob
  • Adoption Fee: $2500

Additional Info:

We have a gorgeous litter of Miniature Schnauzers out of Lexi & Jacob!

Dependable Miniature Schnauzer Breeders

With this breed, there is the potential for feistiness and some other undesirable traits, but these characteristics can often be avoided if you get your new companion from a trusted Miniature Schnauzer breeder like Whistle Hill Puppies. From studying pedigrees to caring for expectant mothers and placing each puppy in a wonderful, loving home, we’re involved in every part of the breeding process. All puppies that come from Whistle Hill are also covered by a two-year genetic health guarantee.

Miniature Schnauzer Traits & More

Both home and family-oriented, Miniature Schnauzers are sturdy and they absolutely love to play, which is great if you have children. These puppies aren’t overly aggressive, although they aren’t easily scared either. You’ll absolutely want to consider adopting one of the Miniature Schnauzer puppies for sale from Whistle Hill Puppies if you prefer a dog that people love for the following reasons; they are conveniently sized, can be a keen watchdog, are generally agreeable, and get along well with other family pets.

Minis are sturdy little dogs that don’t mind vigorous play. They are known for having almost human-like personalities, which makes it fun to interact with them! Often described as bright and friendly, Miniature Schnauzer puppies can adapt to many different living environments, from smaller urban apartments to larger, more spacious rural homes. Minis are sociable dogs, but you don’t have to worry about keeping them away from friends and family members who are allergic to dog hair since they don’t shed. Miniature Schnauzer puppies do, however, require regular grooming and frequent brushing because of their hard, wiry coat. They also tend to age gracefully when they become adults, often not showing signs of old age until later in life. Miniature Schnauzer puppies will grow to about 12 to 14 inches in height. On average, they live 12-14 years and weigh from 12 to 20 pounds when fully grown.

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Our Google Reviews
We have two Whistle Hill mini schnauzers and they are the best. Aside from being adorable, they both have the sweetest demeanors. We have been very satisfied.
Jon Bernstein
Jon Bernstein
14:08 19 Apr 23
Fantastic experience. Very easy and we seriously got the best pup ever. It was Toby but his name is now Ivan. Seriously considering getting another.
22:19 20 Mar 23
I've been watching whistle hill puppies for almost a year, and we finally pulled the trigger and got ivy( now cookie) for our home. The family was fantastic about the process, and it was a breeze. Our mini bernadoodle is such a joy. She came in to our lives and just took over like she's just always been here with us. She's the sweetest thing and loves to play and snuggle with EVERYONE! We absolutely adore everything about her and we are blessed to have her as part of our family. We decided to put down a deposit on a cavapoo litter coming up, as that is my dream dog.You can tell these puppies are deeply loved and cared for. Please know, Rachel and john, that we appreciate all you do to care for these doggies, because they are simply wonderful.
Danielle Seals
Danielle Seals
13:50 13 Mar 23
Beautiful ❤️
Brian Simmons
Brian Simmons
22:28 14 Feb 23
I wish they had a 10 star option! So I just came home this weekend from picking up my 3rd mini schnauzer from Rachel and John! I will never go anywhere else!! I purchased my first mini schnauzer from them in 2017. What a pleasure it was working with them. They always responded immediately to any questions, emails, phone calls that I had. Lovely family with the sweetest fur babies!!! Anytime I’ve been stopped and asked about my babies I always say Whistle Hill!!!
Mollie Marten
Mollie Marten
14:25 06 Feb 23