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Whistle Hill Puppies invites you to embark on a heartwarming journey to find your perfect furry companion. Our dedicated breeders offer an exquisite selection of puppies for sale, ensuring that each one is raised with love, care, and a commitment to excellence. We prioritize the well-being of our dogs, adhering to the highest standards of health. Our diverse range of puppy breeds includes:

If you are in the market for a new family member, then Whistle Hill Puppies is the breeder for you! Our sweet puppies are ready to meet you and capture your heart. Contact us to inquire about the puppy that caught your eye today!

Adorable Puppies for Adoption

At Whistle Hill Puppies, we take pride in facilitating meaningful connections between deserving puppies and loving families through our puppies for adoption. Our commitment extends beyond offering puppies for sale; we prioritize the well-being and happiness of each furry friend, ensuring they find forever homes where they can thrive.

When you adopt one of our puppies, you know that you won’t only be receiving a puppy, but will also receive benefits such as:

Get the support you didn’t know you needed with a new puppy. Contact our team at Whistle Hill Puppies to find out more about our adoption!

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Online Adoption: Puppy Adoption Made Easy

Whistle Hill Puppies invites you to a seamless and delightful online puppy adoption experience. Embracing the digital age, our platform offers a user-friendly interface for prospective pet parents to explore and adopt their furry companions from the comfort of their homes. Our online puppy adoption process gives you the convenience of finding your new pet, and our team will make it simpler by walking with you through the process from beginning to end.

Trust Whistle Hill Puppies to make your online puppy adoption journey not only simple but also filled with joy as you welcome a new four-legged family member into your life. Through our adoption process, we aim to create lasting bonds that enrich both the lives of the puppies and their new families. If you have any questions about our puppy adoption process, visit our frequently asked questions page to find out more!

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Discover the joy of adopting a puppy with Whistle Hill Puppies, your trusted destination for finding the perfect puppy to adopt into your family. Our commitment to excellence shines through in our superior selection of puppies for sale, where each playful and affectionate pup is raised with love and care. We prioritize the health and well-being of our dogs and make the adoption process simpler with online adoption. When you choose your new furry friend with us, you know that you will be getting the best puppy for your home. Contact us today to start the process of bringing home your new puppy!

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Our Google Reviews
We just got our mini bernedoodle from John and Rachel, his name was Pepsi and we changed it to Oscar. He is a very alert and smart dog. We already have him fetching a toy and he is listening to commands. He is very playful and very sweet. Any questions I had John and Rachel either replied by email or phone. When talking to John he is very direct and to the point which I personally like. And Rachel will sit and talk to you and go more in depth if need be. As far as the price for the dog we couldn’t be happier with everything it included in the price. You’re not just getting the dog, you get a bag of food to go home with. Your puppy comes microchip, a dog training video and also a link to register his name once you pick it out.As you can tell we are really happy with whistle hill and we would recommend them to everyone and we will….
Michael Mulligan
Michael Mulligan
12:37 10 Jun 24
We had a great experience with Whistle Hill Puppies. They were in constant communication up until our visit. We met with the breeder's wife and she made our experience easy. She let us take our time to get to know all of the puppies and was very knowledgeable of their personality traits, further needs, and associated paperwork. She answered all of our questions. We also took him to the vet 10 days into having him, as we were told to do, and everything was good. We have had Jax for 2 weeks now and he has brought joy to our lives. Thank you!
Laura Munch
Laura Munch
14:52 25 Apr 24
We got our handsome boy Jax from this breeder almost 8 years ago now, he’s a healthy happy puppy. When we went to get the puppy the breeder was honest and told us everything we needed to know to be good dog owners. They also care to keep up with how the pups are doing after you’ve had them. Here’s an update on our boy Jax. Thank you Whistle Hill! (The day we got him versus today)
Callie O'Connell
Callie O'Connell
00:23 09 Mar 24
Our puppy Grizzly just turned 2 and I must say he is the most loving, smart, playful and just overall an amazing dog! We recommend everyone that ask what breeder we chose. His favorite compliment is how handsome he is. He sure is! Whistle Hill Puppies thank you!
02:24 23 Feb 24
We got our King Schnauzer mix puppy in April of 2023. He just turned 1 and is the best puppy! He adapted so easily and Rachel sent him home with a blanket that had is Mom's scent on it. Rachel was so patient as we had put a deposit on "Joey" but when we saw them in person had a connection with "Jake"-now Winston. He has been in great health and so friendly with all other dogs. Slept through the night from night one on. Thank you John & Rachel.
Steve King
Steve King
15:47 03 Feb 24
I adopted a Pomsky named Coco, now named Lucy in spring of 2022. John was very helpful and empathetic when I was overwhelmed "Puppy Blues" with Lucy about a week into having her. A year and half later Lucy is wonderfully sweet best friend.
22:04 17 Nov 23